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Manufacturer of wireless weighing systems and crane safety equipment – now ISO-9001

A market leader utilizing innovative product designs, providing users with maximum product flexibility for a broad cross section of industries and applications. Our wireless product line includes:

GS550 Display as a Rated Capacity Indicator (Safe Load Indicator SLI)
GS550 Display in stainless steel - ATEX and class 1 division 2 certified
GS820 graphical display

Anti-Two Block Switches - transmitter in the weight
Wind Speed                                        Contact Us
Wireless Angle Sensor
Wireless Load Cells      Wireless Wind speed for fountains
Wireless Load Pins 

Industrial Wireless Transmitters (smart radio sensors) 

Rated Capacity Indicator Systems - RCI


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Welcome to Load Systems International Inc Manufacturing and R&D web site

Consult the web site for Safe Load Indicator, Rated Capacity Indicator, Load Moment Indicator, Crane safety equipment, Pipelayer LMI,
radio load cells, wireless angle sensor, radio load pin, wireless ATEX wind speed sensors (ATEX anemometers),
CSA class 1 div 1 load cells, class 1 div 1 angle sensors, intrinsically safe sensors, angle dual axis sensors, ATEX load cells, etc…
ATEX certificates are valid for zone 0 and zone 1 for sensors and zone 2 for display units.

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Bienvenue sur le site web de LSI, Fabrication ainsi que Recherche et Développement


Pour informations sur les produits dédiés aux grues, cliquer ici:

Consulter ce site pour des Contrôleurs d’État de Charge (SLI ou RCI), des afficheurs de charge avec chartes de capacityés, Équipments de sécurité pour les grues,
cellules de charge sans fil, inclinomètre (mesure d’angle, d’inclinaison) radio,  anémomètre sans fil, axes dynamométriques radio, incluant ou non les certifications ATEX, CSA, class 1 division 1, etc

Pour les produits industriels:


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Burj Khalifa (Burj Dubai) is now completed. The LSI system has been used for the safety of the three cranes on top of the world's highest building.

The wireless system displays hook height, lifted weight, wind speed, boom angle and live maximum allowed weight to the crane operators.

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Certifications:  (for the complete list, consult the main web site

LSI has the following hazardous area certifications: CSA class 1 division 1 and 2, ATEX zone 0, zone 1 & zone 2. Intrinsically safe anemometer, intrinsically safe load cell, intrinsically safe angle sensor.

CE certification for safety & EMC.

FCC and I.C. certification  for radio emissions in North America

En13852 compliant Offshore Safe load indicators.

The LSI rated capacity indicators can replace Cranesmart (loada2b) and  Hirschmann (PAT ds85) systems. The GS820 LMI can replace Greer, Robway or Rayco i4500 (Wylie) i3000, 3PS systems and Guardian Instruments.

The LSI Gateway has the following options: RS232, CAN Bus, J1939. It could co-exist with the other LSI receivers: GS820, GS550, GS320, GS375   

The most popular ATEX products are:  ATEX Load cells or ATEX Load cell amplifier and transmitter 




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